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Discover a Unique Modular Stair System That Fulfill Your Needs!

Welcome to Sorenson Stair Systems, where we're reshaping the world of stair construction. Our journey began in 2004 with a visionary concept aimed at simplifying the installation process, ultimately saving valuable time in the field. Today, we proudly offer a groundbreaking solution that spans 40 countries, providing a new level of efficiency and excellence in staircase design and installation.

Our stair systems are meticulously crafted off-site to ensure precision and quality in every detail. When you choose Sorenson, you receive a fully assembled rough-framed stair system, complete with all the necessary hardware for installation. We understand that time is precious, so our stairs can be installed with minimal direction and tools, saving you countless hours on the job. Clear and straightforward installation instructions are provided, making the process a breeze.

Sorenson Stair Systems boasts a patented technology that sets us apart in the industry. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously improve and explore new possibilities. While our current build uses steel/aluminum tread and risers manufactured in Sacramento, California, we are committed to evolving. Our up-and-coming builds will feature metal casting, injection molding, and extrusion processes. Additionally, we will use structural composite lumber (SCL) for stringers, enhancing the durability and sustainability of our systems.

Our modular system installation averages just one hour, a remarkable achievement in the field. This efficiency is a testament to our dedication to streamlining the stair installation process.

Our founder, Robert Sorenson, is the driving force behind this remarkable journey. Robert's professional history began at an early age and has flourished over the years. Recognizing a niche in the industry, he excelled as a stair builder, paving the way for the creation of Stairs Made Simple. Robert's journey was one of determination and overcoming obstacles. He transformed a concept into reality, securing exclusive rights to our innovative system in 2019. Today, Sorenson Stair Systems stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to simplifying stair construction.

As we venture into manufacturing, Sorenson Stair Systems invites you to experience the difference between innovative design, precision construction, and effortless installation. Our featured proof of concept was showcased at the Off-Site Construction Expo in Sacramento, we will also provide drafts in the plan page details, submitted alongside construction build sets, highlighting the excellence we bring to each project. Join us in this true journey of determination, where innovation meets simplicity, and the future of stair construction is redefined. Discover the Sorenson Stair Systems advantage today. Contact us today at (916) 698-0458 to get a free estimate. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

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